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        Online resource website for patients with Cystic Fibrosis, parents and carers to share and receive support, recipes and tips.

This website supplies recipes ideal for people with Cystic Fibrosis. People With CF find it difficult to absorb nutrients from food and as a consequence need a tailored diet with a higher number of calories. It is important for people with CF to have a balanced diet high in fat but still incorporating their 5-a-day. Around 85% of people with CF can't absorb the nutrients from food, so I have created this website to help people with CF enjoy exciting home made nutritious food.


Welcome to CFFoodToday.

We would like to hear from you about our website please give us feedback by going into contact us and sending us a message 

we want to do more in 2017 we aim to have more members and more recipes not just from us but from our users. we also aim to help with creating a few food plans and a food dairy selection to the website.

02-01-2017 --- We aim to get more people involved this year, let's share our knowledge with others. Let's become a great social experience, helping other people understand CF and what it means to you to be a parent of a child with CF or who has CF cater to a higher calorie intake.

12-09-2016 - - - We have done a minor update you can now login in with facebook, gmail + and twitter social accounts.

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21-03-17 Hanna lee's video



You can now login with facebook, gmail + and twitter

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